Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

If we’re honest, one of our favorite parts of going to other people’s weddings is the booze, especially the cocktails. But after attending so many weddings (as all of your guests probably have), we can get a little burnt out on the cranberry vodkas and gin and tonics. Here, Catering CC gives you some fresh […]

How Eating with Others Makes You Closer

Whether you are trying to get closer with your significant other, family, or friends, eating together is a great way to do it. We are craving closeness in this digital day and age especially. Our many forms of communication should be contributing to a feeling of closeness, but many people report feeling less intimacy than […]

Major Food Trends of 2017

There are some foods that will never go out of style and will be forever inspiring new variations- cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos, pasta, rice dishes, etc. But there are some foods that witness increased popularity in a certain era- take, for instance, the recent explosion of kale and avocado. A number of trends have come into […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

So you’re a bridesmaid, now what? Movies and popular culture have given a confusing idea of what exactly the role of a bridesmaid is. You’re simply someone to ensure that your best friend’s wedding and accompanying events run smoothly. That might seem like a lot of pressure, but being a bridesmaid shouldn’t feel like a […]

Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

Choosing a theme for your wedding can seem like an extremely daunting process, especially in a day and age when “wedding” is no longer a theme and you see brides walk down the aisle in anything from a red slip to a light-up hoopskirt. The options are endless and sometimes that’s scary. But with these […]

New and Exciting Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate events have always been a large part of the business world, but they have recently transitioned from their formal, incredibly professional demeanor into experiences for employees to get to know and trust each other more and ultimately, to work better together. There is a range of actual occasions under the umbrella of corporate events, […]

Tips for Planning the Best Wedding Menu Ever

You’ve been planning your wedding since you were little and you want every detail to be perfect. That obviously includes the food, as, don’t lie, that’s usually your favorite part of other people’s weddings. Food can make or break the aesthetic and experience enjoyed at a wedding, so it’s natural to want to kill it […]

corporate catering jupiter

Having a corporate caterer you can count on is crucial for any business. Whether hosting clients or throwing a corporate event, the food you serve says a lot about you as a company. It’s important to let people know that you care and that you feel they deserve the best. A corporate caterer makes sure […]

cheese blintzes

Certain foods have become staples of the catering business.  People have come to expect a certain type of food at events because events that they’ve been to in the past have all followed similar patterns.  At Catering CC, we’re able to provide you with all of those basics–all of those staples–of catering, while both expanding […]