catered affair

Planning an event involves several details to work out. One of the most important of all worries lies in the food department- and as caterers, we know that the food at an event makes a lasting impression on guests. 

As a caterer, knowing how much food is too much for an event is one of the trickiest parts of the business, as you could run into a shortage of food or end up bringing too much should this aspect not be properly taken care of. Avoiding a loss on both sides -significant food shortage dents your reputation while food wastage is at your expense-, depends on getting a proper estimation of the amount of food which will rightly serve your audience.The first thing in determining the right amount of food for the event involves answering a few questions which will guide you to making your final decision. These include:

–    Type of event you’re planning

–    Number of guests expected at the event

–    The duration of the event.

Providing answers to these basic question will go a long way in influencing your decision. A business cocktail party that is expected to last a few hours will not require the same amount of food compared to a marketing event which is expected to last a full day. Once you’ve answered these questions correctly, it becomes easier to manage the audience in such a way that you provide the right and adequate amount of food without as much as a smudge on your reputation.

When determining the amount of food to order from your caterer, talk to them! They are experienced and will know what to suggest for your event. As long as you take the time to get the details of your event right, your caterer will do the rest.