Catering to Delray Beach Residents, Businesses, Tourists and Bridal Parties

For those who love the beach, fun shops and delicious restaurants, Delray Beach, FL is probably a great city for you. Atlantic Avenue is the heart of Delray Beach and drives east from I-95 all the way to the beach. Along its length are a number of restaurants and hotels, including the Delray Beach Marriott (which is right on the ocean).  Delray Beach offers some of the nicest places to stay and eat in Southern Florida and is home to a number of fun festivals each year including the Garlic Fest and Savor the Avenue, in which Atlantic Avenue is shut down and local restaurants serve their meals in pre-sold tables located on the avenue itself.


One of our favorite locations in Delray is the Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square. The Center is home to several structures and outdoor areas including an old, vintage gym and theater. The gym is a beautiful place to have a wedding or event with hardwood floors and a second floor balcony area.



If you love Catering CC, much of the local restaurant scene shares a similar passion for the grille, kitchen and creamery; we’re proud to list each below:

  • Salt 7 Delray Beach Florida (Anything and Anyone may pop-in at Salt 7, right next to a famous local pub in downtown)
  • Carpe deim of Delray Beach Florida (French, Fresh and Fabulous)
  • City Oyster of Delray Beach Florida (a little bit of everything but Seafood is very much a specialty)
  • Sazzio’s of Delray Beach Florida (Italian cuisine right in the heart of downtown Atlantic Avenue)
  • Tramoni of Delray Beach Florida (another charming Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Atlantic Avenue)
  • DaDa of Delray Beach Florida (eclectic, outdoor and inspiring)