Major Food Trends of 2017

There are some foods that will never go out of style and will be forever inspiring new variations- cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos, pasta, rice dishes, etc. But there are some foods that witness increased popularity in a certain era- take, for instance, the recent explosion of kale and avocado. A number of trends have come into existence in 2017 already, from fuzzy slippers to crop tops to ripped jeans to chokers. But trends don’t just show up in the fashion world, they have a place in the culinary industry as well. Here, food authority Catering CC explores the biggest fads in the gastronomical world from 2017, thus far.

Persian Foods

According to Sterling-Rice Group’s 2017 trends and predictions report, the influx of immigrants from the Arab world has not only affected popular society but the food we eat on an everyday basis as well, creating powerful flavor fusions.

“Where we’re seeing this now the most is in [the] war-torn Middle East, with Afghanis, Syrians, Persians all fleeing the area and their food culture trickling down and out,” says Liz Moskow, the culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group.

Sour Foods and Drinks

Forget the term “salty,” millennials are soon going to be throwing “sour” into everyday conversation. That’s because sourness is infiltrating everyday beverages and foods, like beer and bread. Its no surprise that new beer flavors are being invented in this age of craft beers and microbreweries. The newest variation? Sour beer, a tart and tangy summer favorite. Fans cite the sour cherry, raspberry and apricot flavors particularly delicious. Sourdough bread is a more surprising trend, however, in this time of increasing awareness of gluten sensitivity. However, that’s exactly the reason it’s becoming so popular. For gluten sensitive individuals, sourdough is one of the best breads to consume.

 “If [sensitive folks] ate bread that’s undergone a long sourdough fermentation, they wouldn’t have any problems,” nutrition expert and New York Times bestselling author Michael Pollan says. 

“[The] tradition of fermenting flour with sourdough breaks down the peptides in gluten that give people trouble,” Pollan says.

Snacks for Night Owls

Major food companies have been noticing that a lot of individuals, especially those belonging to younger generations, are going to bed at increasingly later and later times. The companies are also paying attention to the numerous studies linking lack of sleep to weight gain. One of the companies leading this trend is Healthy Skoop, a company committed to producing plant-based nutrition. They have recently released a new product they call “Sleep Protein.” According to their website, the product’s objective is to promote “calmness and relaxation to encourage sustained quality sleep.”

Egg Yolks

This trend isn’t necessarily new, but its continuation is certainly worth mentioning. This insta-worthy treat boasts a healthy fat called chlorine. Not only are the yolks good for you, they’re also fun and versatile. Add a sunny side up egg to salads, grain bowls, burgers and avocado toast.