2018 has only just begun and we already need a cocktail. The government’s shut down, the media is crazy and it seems like we’re always at work. At least 2018 is sure to produce some pretty fire cocktails, though. If we’re gonna drown our sorrows, we are going to do so in style. But when […]

Catering CC can prepare any type of food well, but our specialty is certainly caribbean cuisine, as our head chef, Chef Winston, hails from the U.S. Virgin Islands. When Winston journeyed from the Virgin Islands to Florida, he carried with him his love of caribbean cuisine that all started while cooking with his mother and […]

How Catering CC Can Bring Cheer To Your Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a lot of fun, but sometimes can completely resemble one another. It’s hard to have holiday parties that stand out, but having a unique one is really important. Company holiday parties boost employee moral, family holiday parties lend a feeling of gratitude and connection. With that said, it’s really important that you […]

Best Dishes For The Holidays

The holidays are great for a lot of reasons- they bring family and friends together, they inspire a generosity that inspires people all year round and everyone gets time off the daily grind (i.e. work and school) to simply enjoy the company of others, relax and have fun. Those reasons are all well and good, […]

Fun Ways to Implement Healthy Eating

If you are like most Americans, you probably have a hard time balancing all the many constant options for (fast) food and healthy eating. Our culture is more saturated than ever with food options, most of them processed, not homemade like the amazing catered dishes at Catering CC. It is harder than ever to make […]

Food: The Ultimate Symbol of Culture

When we think of other cultures, often the first thing on our minds is what kind of food they eat. Food seems to be some kind of Rosetta Stone for other cultures, translating the things that are important to that culture in ways that are accessible (and tasty) for all. Think about it, probably the […]

Preparing Food for a Birthday Party

One of the biggest questions you encounter when throwing a birthday party ias aking yourself how much food you should prepare and what kind. Too much food will result in surplus but too little could literally ruin the party. So, meeting in the middle is a must. Birthday party catering is the safest option here. […]