desserts for catering events

A tasty dessert never goes out of style. Knowing the right baked treats to put the time into making is key when putting on an event. Caterers have learned which cakes and desserts go best with which events. Wedding cakes and other formal delicacies are great for weddings. There are a host of other desserts […]

spaghetti catering

Most hosts might not consider spaghetti as their first choice when choosing a meal to cook for a group of people, and they may have a point. However, when it comes to cooking dinner for a large group, there are few recipes that make more sense than spaghetti. Not only is spaghetti delicious, there are […]

new years catering delray beach

For those that are seeking catering services for a wedding or a corporate event of some kind, one of the first questions to answer is what kind of food is going to be served by the caterers. The chances are that each caterer has a certain kind of food they specialize in. Many caterers in […]