Preparing Food for a Birthday Party

One of the biggest questions you encounter when throwing a birthday party ias aking yourself how much food you should prepare and what kind. Too much food will result in surplus but too little could literally ruin the party. So, meeting in the middle is a must. Birthday party catering is the safest option here. […]

The Best Reception Venues in South Florida

Fontainebleau Miami Beach The gem of Miami Beach, in the heart of Florida’s Millionaire’s Row, Fountainebleau provides modern luxury with a touch of glamour, offering endless possibilities for wedding events, indoor or outdoor ceremonies, receptions and prenuptial celebrations. The Ballrooms feature flexible and modern accents with crystal chandeliers and architectural features, offering a perfect ambiance […]

Arguably one of the most special days in a person’s life, the wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment and a union. While many weddings have different elaborate elements and parts: the dress, the cake, the music, the flowers, etc., the food sometimes doesn’t get the shine and focus it deserves. This phenomenon […]

Only the most capable catering companies know the necessary mechanisms involved with providing elite food and excellent service. One of them is giving potential customers exactly what they want. The thing about food and palates and preferences is that options matter. So whether you are throwing a small social gathering and only want to serve […]

What good is a catering company that merely provides dishes but doesn’t provide you with the necessary and definitive experience of the overall event and setting? Plainly, it’s sub par at best and underwhelming at worst. Premiere catering companies know and take pride in their ability to not only take the reigns in the food […]

Without question, one of the best aspects of any party, or the part that people tend to ask the most about, is the menu. Food rules. But not all food is created equal. Ingredients Matter Not all food can provide the exquisite tasting dishes that Catering CC are known for; this is why we are […]