Arguably one of the most special days in a person’s life, the wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment and a union. While many weddings have different elaborate elements and parts: the dress, the cake, the music, the flowers, etc., the food sometimes doesn’t get the shine and focus it deserves. This phenomenon […]

Contrary to what those who don’t specialize in good food and excellent, top-tier service think, not all catering companies are created equal. Not all companies have the type of experience, manpower, and skill to provide you and your guests with just the right dining experience. Catering CC has all of that in spades. We know […]

desserts for catering events

A tasty dessert never goes out of style. Knowing the right baked treats to put the time into making is key when putting on an event. Caterers have learned which cakes and desserts go best with which events. Wedding cakes and other formal delicacies are great for weddings. There are a host of other desserts […]

good party caterer

Finding someone to prepare the food for an event is no easy task. An individual with experience who can also provide a variety of different choices to select from is one of the most important traits to have in a caterer. Caterers work according to the wants and needs of people who are putting on […]