Catering CC can prepare any type of food well, but our specialty is certainly caribbean cuisine, as our head chef, Chef Winston, hails from the U.S. Virgin Islands. When Winston journeyed from the Virgin Islands to Florida, he carried with him his love of caribbean cuisine that all started while cooking with his mother and […]

The new popular trend in the wedding world right now is having a brunch-theme. Many wedding caterers are planning beautiful daytime venues, and organizing the ultimate food and beverage bars. Brunch has become popular amongst many people over the last year, and incorporating this activity with this type of special occasion has put a unique […]

desserts for catering events

A tasty dessert never goes out of style. Knowing the right baked treats to put the time into making is key when putting on an event. Caterers have learned which cakes and desserts go best with which events. Wedding cakes and other formal delicacies are great for weddings. There are a host of other desserts […]

cheese blintzes

When you are having a big event, you want the special occasion you are having to be the most memorable and enticing time possible. If your event is held during the morning and you require meals to be provided by a professional team of caterers, then you should take the time to look over some […]

cookie tray

Depending on the catering event and location, there could be opportunities for caterers or those hosting an event to have cookies. Cookies are a staple desert in the United States as well as around the world. Cookies are exciting because there are so many kinds and so many opportunities for caterers to be creative with […]

A catered event by Catering CC in Miami

When your business is planning an event that requires catering, you may find yourself asking where to begin. If you’re not sure what you need to get started, thinking about the key items below are sure to get you on the right track. Key Items for Business Catering What Kind Of Event The kind of […]

spaghetti catering

Most hosts might not consider spaghetti as their first choice when choosing a meal to cook for a group of people, and they may have a point. However, when it comes to cooking dinner for a large group, there are few recipes that make more sense than spaghetti. Not only is spaghetti delicious, there are […]