A Comprehensive Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

So you’re a bridesmaid, now what? Movies and popular culture have given a confusing idea of what exactly the role of a bridesmaid is. You’re simply someone to ensure that your best friend’s wedding and accompanying events run smoothly. That might seem like a lot of pressure, but being a bridesmaid shouldn’t feel like a job, it should be fun. Though there are a good number of responsibilities (the bridesmaids are responsible for putting on the bridal shower and bachelorette party) there are also plenty of opportunities for getting to know the rest of the bridal party and having a good time. Read this simple and easy guide to being a bridesmaid and the important events that being one entails.

Bridal Shower

The best way to plan for a bridal shower is to start early. A few months before the shower, pick a date (keep in mind that the shower should be held two weeks to two months before the actual wedding), decide on a guest list (consult with the bride if the shower isn’t a surprise), choose a theme, determine the location and buy or make invitations. Four to six weeks before the shower, go ahead and send the invitations, decide on (and buy) decorations and centerpieces, plan a menu (this is best and most easily done by consulting a high-quality catering company like Catering CC) and prepare activities like games or trivia. The week before the shower, buy the bride a gift (rule of thumb: spend more than $30 and less than $50). The week of, prepare the food, or coordinate with your caterer. The day of, set up decorations and make sure the venue is ready by creating gift, food and lounge areas.

Bachelorette Party

The part of the bridesmaid process most ubiquitous in popular culture is the bachelorette party, for sure. Whether your bride wants a quiet night with her friends or a stripper-filled night of iniquity, you can’t go wrong if you follow Catering CC’s simple steps, and also employ their catering for a night with your pals, if only to soak up the booze!

First, ask the bride some questions. These include: What is she hoping for at her bachelorette party? Any guidelines or restrictions? Is there a specific date she has in mind for the party? This is incredibly important, because it is her event after all! Next, pick the theme and colors, this will help you decide where to go, whether it be restaurant, club, lounge, hotel, or strip club. At this point, you should create a timeline for yourself, to protect your sanity. Include all the important dates and everything you need to get done before the bachelorette party. Next, make reservations and inquire as to special offers- some places have special packages or VIP treatment they give to bachelorettes. Then, go ahead and send out invitations, whether they be cute or naughty. Afterwards, collect money from other members in the bridal party for the event. It’s customary to pay for the bachelorette, but you can ask the other bridesmaids or attendees to chip in for their share. Lastly, comes the fun part- purchase goodies for you and the rest of the bridal party. This includes goodie bags, hang up streamers and some fun accessories for the bride. You will also need to purchase food or secure a caterer.