The new popular trend in the wedding world right now is having a brunch-theme. Many wedding caterers are planning beautiful daytime venues, and organizing the ultimate food and beverage bars. Brunch has become popular amongst many people over the last year, and incorporating this activity with this type of special occasion has put a unique twist to wedding venues. Wedding caterers have gotten seriously creative, and developed numerous ideas for food and beverage stations to jazz up any daytime gathering.

Not only are brunch themed weddings unique, they are also less expensive. Due to the low costs of catering breakfast items and hosting a daytime affair, venues have, in turn, become less costly. Party caterers have even introduced the idea of serving breakfast for dinner for certain weddings.

One of the popular requests when hiring a wedding caterer for a brunch themed wedding are one-of-a-kind food and beverage stations. People are going crazy over the idea of incorporating different food and beverage stations that go along with this theme. Wedding caterers are making sure they have, at the very least,an omelet station, a Bloody Mary bar and Mimosa station – in which guests can consistently come back for seconds.

There are many different types of cuisine and beverage options when it comes to setting up brunch themed stations. Not only do party caterers set up a mighty daytime liquor bar, but they make a mean coffee beverage station as well. Including items like cappuccinos, iced-coffee shakes and many other various caffeine infused delights, guests will be enjoying their morning celebration to the fullest. Another funky station party caterers are incorporating with the brunch theme are cereal bars. This fun station will have everyone feeling like a kid again.

Wedding caterers have even taken the theme as far as presenting a wedding cake made of crepes, and even one made of waffles! If these do not seem to be quite up to your speed, one might take a more traditional route and choose a breakfast-themed flavor like blueberry or grapefruit. These unique quirks are what make this theme so popular amongst people right now.