Preparing Food for a Birthday Party

One of the biggest questions you encounter when throwing a birthday party ias aking yourself how much food you should prepare and what kind. Too much food will result in surplus but too little could literally ruin the party. So, meeting in the middle is a must. Birthday party catering is the safest option here. There is no specific formula to all of this but a caterer has plenty of experience to draw from when deciding what to serve and how much.

Main things to remember

When it comes to a birthday party, you will have to keep the following facts in mind. Even a wedding catering menu is based on these same facts. First and foremost, always round up the food amount to a higher value, to ensure that you will have enough food that will satisfy everyone. But the harder question, is what foods to decide upon. Sometimes, you have to rely upon trend.

Offering shellfish appetizers is always a good thing, due to the fact they are very popular right now. There are also pretzels and other snacks, which are a safe thing to add. In general, the more meals and snacks you offer, the better. In that case, people will eat less of a single dish. In case you decide to use just one type of dish, you will have to be ready to provide large quantities and it might not satify everyone. At Catering CC, we believe in offering a variety of food, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Appetizers are great regardless of the type of a party you throw. But, don’t forget that the longer a party is, the more appetizers you will need. In general, 6 appetizers per person are sufficient.

Recommended amounts of ingredients

When you are catering for a party it’s tough to calculate how much food you actually need, as we have mentioned already, but there are some guidelines. For example, always be ready to offer 6-8 ounces of meat and fish per person. 8 ounces are the safest option, especially if you have 2 servings.

Beans, pasta, and rice must be offered in 2 ounces per person. While salad and grains should be 1.5 ounces per person. In addition, 5 ounces per person of vegetables and potatoes are just fine. Don’t worry, Catering CC can provide all of these quantities.

What about desserts?

Let’s face it, your birthday party must have cake. 1 slice per person is just right. If you decide to serve ice cream, then you need 5 ounces per guest. Don’t forget that desserts are equally important as the main meal and chances are high that every single guest will want a slice of that delicious cake.


Party caterers will definitely be able to assist you with these matters. Catering CC will be able to help you follow the mentioned guidelines. They are essential and they can make a huge difference. Once again, more food is always better than less.