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If you choose a reliable catering company like Catering CC, you should be aware that there are plenty of ways a catering company can help you, and it goes far beyond just the food. You’d be amazing to know how much catering has evolved over the years. Reputable catering companies today will provide far more than just the food for your wedding.

Of course, a perfectly planned wedding menu will always start with the food, but the menu is shaped by the actual wedding. Whether it’s casual or formal, night or day, or in a tent versus a backyard, all of these factors play a role. Any ideal wedding menu will match with the following:

  • Wedding colors
  • Flowers
  • Bridal dress

Each of those are taken into consideration when planning a reception menu. This is where the evolution of the wedding caterer comes into play because a wedding relies on more than just the food. Catering companies have now become much more involved which is excellent news for the brides out there that need some assistance with planning.

3 Ways a Catering Company Can Help With the

Wedding Consultations

Although this may cause you to dip into your wedding budget a little more, wedding caterers can assist with the design of the reception, be the liaison between you and the vendors, as well as create a well-crafted timeline for the flow of the event. When you have your consultation, you’ll of course go over the menu, but you’ll also go over the timing of the food as it pertains to the introduction of the bride and groom, the moment of the first dance, and the cake cutting. If you’re planning a wedding on a small budget, it can still be done!

The Design Factor

Any fine dining experience is just as much about the food as it is about the environment it’s served in. If your hire a catering company for your wedding (which you should), they’ll assist you in considering the linens, plates, and especially the floral design. An elegant catering company, like us at Catering CC, will have a strong opinion in terms of what design will suit your wedding best.

Floral Design

Many brides get confused when we ask what their flower of choice will be for their wedding, and we’re not talking about their bouquet, we’re thinking beyond that. The right flowers can make all the difference with the overall dining experience. If they’re too scented, they may overwhelm the guests and curb their appetite. If they’re too flashy, they’ll obscure the view of the guests. A reputable catering company will be able to make sure that your floral arrangements don’t clash with the table linens, or any of the other design elements in the reception room, regardless of whether it’s an actual hall, or even a tent.